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MEXUS Corporate

Starting a business in Mexico

MEXUS corporate Trámites de Visa Americana

MEXUS - Start a great business in Mexico

Mexico is not only a great country full of business opportunities, but it is also a huge market of buyers in continuous growth. It’s also a place where you can produce or manufacture any high-quality product, that meets the needs of customers in the USA, Canada, and worldwide.

However, starting a business in Mexico can become a complex task. Let us help you in the implementation process and we will develop the right strategy for your business. To start your company in México, over 12 different stages may be necessary, depending on what type of company and which industry it will belong to. It also depends on if you want to import or export and if the shareholders will be Mexican or foreign citizens.

The Mexican government is strict in the supervision of companies and involves different agencies such as the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Mexican Tax Authorities. Each of these agencies have their requirements and procedures to obtain the corresponding authorizations and licenses. Besides, a process of incorporation in Mexico requires a Notary, a lawyer authorized by the government for the establishment of new companies.

Basics of Incorporation in Mexico

If your company has several shareholders and you need a formal agreement with your partners, the most convenient for you is the scheme of a Sociedad Anónima de Capital Variable or S.A. de C.V. (the abbreviation in Spanish). In Mexico "S.A. de C.V." It is the equivalent to an "Inc." Company.

Corporation and Limited Liability Company

The two most convenient formats to start your company are:

  • Sociedad Anónima de Capital Variable (S.A. de C.V.) equivalent to an “Inc.”
  • Sociedad de Responsabilidad Limitada (S. de R.L.). equivalent to a “LLC.”

Most common and convenient type of corporations in Mexico

In an S.A. de C.V., there are legal mechanisms to protect the rights of capital investors. By law, shareholders are represented in the administration of the company by a shareholder auditor or an audit board that must be a disinterested party. Even minority shareholders have the right to convene general meetings of shareholders.

The company may have a Board of Directors or a Sole Administrator and must maintain financial records to be reported monthly and annually to Shareholders or the Audit board.

Outsourcing Services for your company

Besides assisting you to easily establish your company, we will help you with an extensive array of services, special for foreign-owned companies in Mexico. Services such as accounting, fiscal strategy, tax declaration, human resources, etc. So you can rest assured that your company will be well monitored and managed all the time.

As we mentioned before, starting a business in Mexico can be a complex task, but with our proven experience, we will advise and guide your company every step of the process. You’ll soon find out that opening your company in Mexico will be quick and hassle-free!

Contact us today at, and discover how we can help your business thrive.

Our Services

  • Local Representative and Registered Agent Service
  • Agreement and Contract Drafting, and Negotiation
  • Legal Due Diligence Reviews and Industry Requirements
  • Legal and Consulting Services
  • Trademark and Patent Registration
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